Let’s talk about about a current fashion obsession of mine, shall we? Velvet!! We see velvet everywhere, from shirts, to dresses, to pants, to jackets to shoes, omgeeee yes, boots!! Yes, velvet is a must have fashion staple right now. No, really when I say must have, I really MEAN MUST HAVE!! If you do not believe me, just google or check out Instagram, they don’t lie 😉 lol

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I’ll be honest though, when I first saw velvet I was a little skeptical. I remember wanting a velvet dress or something velvet and not being able to find something that I really liked or that went with my body type. I tried on a few velvet dresses at Forever 21 that looked really cute on the mannequin, but on me, girlfriend let me tell you, that was not the case, they did not look cute at all!! I was kinda upset. It wasn’t until I went shopping to Dillard’s!! Being that I no longer live in the City of Angels (Los Angeles, yes sad, sad, sad 🙁 ) I am very limited to the stores I get to shop at where I live. By limited I mean, there is not as much variety such as the thousands upon thousands of stores I got to shop at in LA. But Dillard’s is my definitely my go to store where I live, it never fails me.

Anyway so I went to shopping to Dillard’s one day and I found this dress. It was love at first sight. <3 And when I tried it on, I became obsessed! I had to have it! I did not only love the fact that was it velvet, it was also an off the shoulder dress!! <3 Oh, and it was burgundy!! My favorite fall/winter color!! It was like a 3 in one deal!! A fashion staple for sure!!

Oh, and the sleeves did I mention the sleeves? Bell sleeves!! Talk about fashion staple all the way!!

I decided to pair this dress with leopard print heels this time for a more ladies night out look. However, I have also worn this dress with my black wedge Toms shoes for a more casual, Sunday brunch with the ladies look.

Aside from the fact that it was velvet, off the shoulder, burgundy and had bell sleeves, I also loved it because it was a flowy dress. To be honest, I do not own very many flowy dresses. Since I am so petite, I feel that they look so big on my me. But this dress, I feel like it was the perfect size for me!! Not big and looks super cute (at least I think so, what do you think?).

I accessorized this dress with gold details, since I was wearing the leopard print shoes. But I could have very well worn silver accessories or black and paired it with either silver or black heels. I love this color because it is so versatile and can be worn with different color accessories and shoes.

Another reason why I love the color burgundy is, not only is it a great fall/winter color, but it also looks great on medium, tan, dark-skin girls 🙂

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