I remember being in middle school… all the other girls around me were taller than me and they were not as skinny as me. You might be thinking, “hey skinny is a good thing” but not for me. I weighed eighty-four pounds when I was thirteen, I hated it. I was so skinny; I thought I looked like a stick. The worse, I didn’t have any boobs! By now all my friends and girls around me had boobs. There was a point when I started eating a lot to try to gain weight, it worked, but it went mainly to my stomach. So now, I had a new problem – I was short, a little chubby, had no boobs, and had skinny legs (or as I called them chicken legs). Ughhh, could this be any worse??

I then moved to Mexico for about a year and a half, I still thought I was skinny and short, but for some reason it didn’t really bother me as much when I was there. Perhaps it was the fact that in Mexico I was around girls that looked more like me lol. It was then that I started realizing that we all come in different shapes and sizes and started accepting myself the way I was. Being the shortest one of six siblings in my family, I didn’t understand why I was so short, when two of my brothers were close to 5’ 10’’. When both of my sisters were taller than me, when my parents were taller than me! But I slowly started to let it go. To accept the fact that everyone is different and that instead of questioning why I should embrace it and love my body as it is.



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