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Summer’s Must Haves!

Alright, alright, so you know how every season has their “must haves,” well this season’s must have is definitely denim!! Denim tops, denim shorts, denim dresses, denim jackets, you name it! Everywhere you go, you see denim.


So not unexpectedly, because lets face it, it happens to all of us girls every now and then, I walked into Target one night to purchase shampoo and conditioner and ended up walking out with a tunic denim dress!!! Like I said, denim everywhere! I’m usually the girl that has to try on everything before buying, but as soon as I saw this tunic dress, I fell in love. And then I looked at the price and I fell in love all over again – it was $14.99!!! The perfect combo – the perfect cute summer dress at the perfect price!!

Sometimes we go to expensive stores and spend hours trying find nice clothes that make us look good and most of the time that is not necessary. Like in this case, I was not expecting to find this dress at Target, nor was I expecting the awesome price. Since the struggle is real, specially in the gorgeous city of LA, I try to find the best bargains that have what I am needing – the latest styles and great quality clothes that will last. Target is definitely the go to stop that has what I am looking for!!






Cute Summer Outfit


  1. Touria Myers

    Wow, you look stunning! I thought the outfits were from some kind of expensive boutique. I didn’t know target carries beautiful clothes but guess you knew how to make them beautiful!

    • MairaDivine

      Thank you Madame! I love to shop all over the place and Target is one of those places! 🙂

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