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New York Fashion Week

So it is one of my favorite weeks of the the year (besides my birthday week) NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!! This year I have been obsessed with NYFW more than ever. One of the reasons, being YOU! Because I have made it my job to follow the upcoming trends closely and provide you with a summary of what we will be seeing in the upcoming Spring season. Lets get started!

1. NUDES!! Neutrals nudes ARE the new black! And they will be everywhere. Even when it comes to make-up. Nudes are playing a big role in the Spring 2017 collections taking over black!! I am feeling this one!

2. Feminine silhouettes. Feminine silhouettes was popular in Spring 2016 and it seems that designers have decided to keep this trend going. From effortless silhouettes to sexy silhouettes, there’s a style for every woman’s shape. I’m loving this one!!

3. Polka dots!! Remember these from maybe like 10 years ago? Yeah, looks like they are making a come back. Polka dots have been very popular on the this week’s fashion runway meaning we are guaranteed to see this trend arise again in Spring 2017. Not one of my favs, but I’ll survive.

4. Bright metallic colors. It seems that bright metallic colors have taken over bright neon colors, such as fuchsia and coral. Hmm, not sure how much I like this trend as I am a sucker for bright neon colors, we’ll see how this goes!!

5. Bohemian Looks. This trend was also popular in Spring 2016, and it seems that this trend is also here to stay, at least for another season. This bohemian trend comes accompanied by lots of ruffles and pastel colors styles. Reminds me of the 1920s look.  img_2956

6. Thigh high knee boots. Can I get an amen?!! This is by far my absolute favorite trend!! Not only will I be rocking my thigh high knee boots this fall and
winter but I will also be rocking my babies during the Spring!! I will be sticking to my traditional (I know, boring) colors. But if you are feeling bold, check out the new Yeezy Spring collection, clear thigh high knee boots. What do you guys think??


7. And had to save the best for last!! Chokers!! The 90s trend is here to stay!! 🙂 In case you are like me and didn’t get enough of the choker trend this year, I have news for you! Chokers are not going anywhere any time soon!! From matching shirt and blouse chokers, to chokers with lock pendants, you name it! I’m definitely excited to keep this trend going.

So there you have it! Seven of the top trends you are guaranteed to see in the Spring 2017 collection. Of course there are a lot more and I will be sure to share those with you, but for more here is a sneek peak in case you have not been able to follow along with this week’s fashion week. I hope you enjoyed and please let me know which are your favs!! XOXO! Bisous mes amours!! 🙂




The 90s Trend


Casual but Chic

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