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Girl’s Night Out

Hello, loves! So tomorrow is officially the first day of spring!! Are you all excited or what? I am!! Spring is my favorite season because the weather is just so perf, it makes me so happy all the time. But of course I love spring because I get to wear all these pretty dresses and sandals, ohhh it makes me so happy just thinking about it! 🙂

As you all may know, one of my favorite color dresses to wear is white. I love wearing white all year round. Yeah, that no white rule after Labor Day does not exist in my fashion world. Who made that rule up anyway? Since I was curious, I did a little research on this and found that this rule was made around the 1950s by upper class women as a way to dissociated themselves from other social classes. Booo! Although this is just a speculation and there are many other theories out there for the origin of this rule. But again who cares, fashion should not have rules, just be yourself!!

So I wanted to share one of my favorite dresses in my closet right now. I purchased this dress at Bebe last year. And I must say I love, love this dress. I love bandage dresses because of the way they conform to your body so beautifully. I also love bandage dresses because they have that classy and sophisticated look and the white color makes it look more sophisticated.

Similar Dress

I also love this dress because it has an outside zipper on the back. (I forgot to take a picture of that for you. I know, bad blogger. I’m sorry!!) If you know me by now, I have an obsession with outside zippers. I think they are so chic and so stylish!! And they give your outfit a more elegant look, making your outfit go from simple to elegant really quick!

I wore this dress out, not too long ago, on a girl’s night out. A nice fancy dinner with friends and a fun time dancing the night away. I love dancing! But I have also worn this dress to a more casual dinner and family parties. That’s another reason why I love this dress because it can be worn to different events. Throw on some sandals and a motor or denim jacket for a more casual summery look.

It happened to be about 40 degrees when I wore this dress, so I decided to pair with my short off white peacoat. Have I mentioned how much I love pea coats and how they are so abundant in my closet???

Similar Pea Coat  Similar Shoes

The off white pea coat gave me the same kind of look I was going for that night. A nice classy and sophisticated look.

I paired this look up with gold metallic pumps, but I have worn this dress before with black pumps for a black and white look. Or again, sandals for a more casual look.

There you go loves! What are some go your favorite spring a                                            nd summer obsessions?  I would love to hear all about it and be inspired by your ideas! Happy Sunday! 🙂


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