For those of you who may not know, I am on vacation in my lovely Mexico!! Yesterday I had the joy of visiting Guadalajara, Jalisco, it’s a such a beautiful city. As usual, I struggled with not knowing what to wear at first. I knew I had to take good walking shoes and wear something comfortable (and cute of course) to be out and about all day long. I opted for wearing this floral crop blouse. Floral shirts are definitely in style this summer, especially crop shirts. I absolutely love this blue floral shirt not only because of the floral accents, but also because it’s royal blue, one of my favorite colors, I believe royal blue looks good on dark skin girls, and because it is one of those choker shirts, giving it that extra chic style 😉


I opted to wear light blue skinny jeans with this outfit. I like wearing skinny jeans with flowy shirts, as I do not think that flowy shirts and flowy pants go well together however, there are exceptions from time to time. Sometimes, like in this case, I like folding my jeans at the bottom to give it that extra personal style, I think it gives it more style and a more chic look, especially when wearing heels.

For shoes, I wore these black thong sandals, with gold triangle accents. I liked how these sandals complimented the floral shirt I was wearing. I could have worn maybe gold or silver sandals, but I think in this case brown would not have complimented my outfit, as this is a royal blue and not a soft blue shirt. A word of advise, if you are not used to walking long distances, these type of sandals may not be your best friend. I was good in them until maybe 4 hours later and then my feet started hurting.

For the final touch of my outfit, I wore a blue jean jacket, although not shown here. When traveling, you should always take a light jacket in case it rains. Which was our case haha!! I am so glad that I had my denim jacket to save the day and my outfit!

Hope you all are having a great summer so far! Bisous! XOXO!