Hello, my loves 🙂 Ok, so I realize I am a little late, about a month and 7 days late to be precise (I know #badblogger) but what’s the saying? Better late than never, right?? Ok, here we go!!

So since I want you to be on top of the latest fall fashion trends, I made it my task to search what the top fall fashion trends of 2016 are and bring them to you. I have made a list (yes, you are welcome 🙂 ) of the 11 top fashion trends for this Fall, and have included my favorites ones. So lets get started.

1. Denim

We cannot get enough of denim and apparently designers can’t either, and they have made that evident in their continuance to incorporate denim into their collections and making it a popular fall staple this season. Woot, woot! If you know me you know that this is my ultimate fav fall trend. Can I get an Amen??

2.Leopard print

Although leopard print has never really gone out of style (it has been in my closet all the time), leopard print seemed to make a real comeback this season. Not only is leopard print in our shoes and clothes, but this season leopard print is in our coats as well. This has got to be my second fav fall trend. Hmm, are you guys smelling a pattern? Yup, I am giving you the trends in the order that I love them!! Let me know which ones are your ultimate most favorite trends.

Cannot get enough of this trend in our fur coats

Cannot get enough of this trend in our fur coats


3.Statement Chokers

Ahh, the statement choker. Seems like the universe is siding with us and decided to intercede for us with these designers. The chokers are here to stay for another season. So ladies grab your favorite chokers and be ready to make a statement, as you always should!!

Make a chocker statement



Florals were a really big hit this past few seasons and it seems that the designers are really loving this one also and have continued to keep it as part of their collections. Not only are we seeing florals in clothes, but we will be seeing a lot of florals in coats and bombers too!!

5.Off the shoulder Look

Although I do love this off the shoulder look, I’m going to be honest, I am not completely crazy about this. I love seeing it on other people and I absolutely think it’s a cute trend however, I don’t think it totally my style. But hey what do I know, I am not the expert here right? Maybe I just haven’t found one that I have fallen in love with. So if you spot one that you think I may love, please PLEASE let me know!! Anyway my loves for those who do love this off the shoulder look get ready to continue wearing your favorite looks on those not so cold days this season, like today, that just happened to be 85 degrees! Lord, I thought we would finally get to see some fall weather. Not complaining though!!

6.Sleeves for days!!!

Seems like the designers have opted to bring this trend back once again. I remember when I was 12, I was completely in love with this trend, this time around I just haven’t been that crazy about it. How do you all feel about this Renaissance look?

7. Statement Fur

Fur coats are really making a statement this season. And not just your traditional fall color coats, but your bold colors as well as floral coats too. I am really rooting for this one because my favorite colors are bright, bold colors. I love feeling happy and alive all the time and I really believe bright bold colors are just that – happy and alive colors. I don’t think there is anything that shouts I am very happy today than a bright hot pink shirt. Lets break the norm a little and really root for this one, shall we??

Make a fur statement

8. Shades of Tan

Another Fall favorite this season are the endless layers of shades of tan. From soft nudes to khakis, this trend is really making a big staple this season. Although I love this trend, and love seeing it on others, it is still working it’s way on me. I’ve always liked nudes – nude shoes, nude lipstick, nude eye shadow, not so crazy though about the different nudes in clothes though. Shades of nude have never really been a must have in my closet. I feel that nude is a color that does not make me make a statement, and I love making statements with bright colors. However, I will have to play with my shades of nudes this season and see where it leads me.

Shades of tan/nudes

9. Shearling coats and bombers

Seems like shearling coats and bombers will always be a fall staple. However, this season the designers wanted to spice things up a bit with big oversized coats and bombers being worn with your Saturday night dressy outfits, instead of your normal casual, lazy look style. Wasn’t too crazy about doing this in the past, but gotta admit this style really makes a statement. What do you think?

This new trend is sure to catch the attention of many of us ;)

This new trend is sure to catch the attention of many of us 😉

10. The Navy Overcoat

Another Fall trend this season is the military inspired Navy Overcoat trend. Long length, tailored, military inspired coats are a must have this season. These coats are elegantly detailed with doubled chest styles and gorgeous buttons. In addition to navy overcoats, this military inspired trend is also seen in gorgeous sailor pants and skirts. I really love how this look looks very elegant and classy 🙂

Military based inspired trend

Military based inspired trend

11. Velvet

Velvet is another summer staple that is easing its way into this Fall season. From velvet chokers, to velvet dresses, to velvet pants and shirts, this trend is here to stay!

So there you have it my loves. The top 11 fashion trends for this Fall. Let me know which one or ones are your favs. Can you guess which one is my fav? Yes, the denim of course!!! Feel free to leave any comments and/or ask me any questions via Instagram or email. You can also ask me if you need advice with any outfit ideas. I look forward to hearing from you. And remember love your body always and make a statement! XOXO. Bisous mon amours!!