Hello, my loves! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I know I did. The weather where I live was perfect!! Was not complaining whatsoever. Which, speaking of weather, I was thinking the other day how quickly summer is coming to an end and how fall will soon be upon us.

So naturally me being the fashion lover that I am, I started thinking about this summer’s trends and the trends that I will not be able to live without, even when the summer comes to an end. And of course if you have been reading my blogs, you probably guessed it… denim!! No one will ever understand my love/obsession with denim… but it’s ok 😉

Now I really can’t pin point exactly when my love for denim began. Maybe it was in my pre-teen years, but who cares right? What matters is that denim is my favorite staple of all times. Although I wear denim all year long, I have to admit that I wear denim a lot more during the spring and summer. I think it’s because I have denim of everything, denim shorts, denim skirts and even denim dresses and I just want to wear denim on and on.

Similar Shoes     Similar Jumpsuit

Like I mentioned, I love denim, but I also have an obsession with jumpsuits! Don’t you just love when 2 of your favorite staples get combined in one? I know I do!! 🙂

I love love jumpsuits because they are so feminine and sophisticated. You can never go wrong with jumpsuits. You can wear the simplest jumpsuit and still look so chic! So naturally, when I saw this denim jumpsuit it was love at first sight!

I decided to go a little edgy with this denim look by adding a bandana. (Bandanas are also a big trend this summer.) But you could also pair this jumpsuit with a choker or a dangly necklace for a more feminine look. I’m not much of an accessory gal, but one thing I will not go without is a watch. In this case, I wore my gold Michael Kors watch to pair well with my tan heels (also Michael Kors).

Now I opted to wear these block heels with this look because I wanted to keep it feminine, as I always do, and heels always add a feminine touch to every outfit. Since I was wearing the bandana, I decided to wear block heels because block heels are a bit more casual than stilettos. But this jumpsuit would also have paired well with flats, sneakers or athleisure shoes.

Even do I am sad that summer is coming to an end, I am happy that denim will continue to be a trend in the fall and of course, you will continue to see me wearing denim! (But even if it wasn’t you would still see me wearing denim 😉 )What about you loves? What is your favorite summer trend and one you will not be able to live without in the fall?