For those of us always running against the clock, I wanted to share my quick 10 minute outfit that I wore to a family party a few weeks ago.
For this outfit, I seriously had less than 30 minutes to get ready and be out the door. I had to think quick of what I was going to wear, which if you know me, that’s the part of my outfit that takes the longest ? I first have to think of where I’m going, what’s appropriate for the place, how am I going to do my hair and makeup, do I need a light jacket, etc, etc.
On this occasion I was headed to a family birthday party. I wanted to wear something chic yet casual at the same time.


So I asked myself what’s in style? Of course it’s summer so color is definitely in style but not any color, colors that pop!
I opted for a fuschia blouse with a choker! I love choker shirts. Tip, if you’re going to wear something bright like my bright fuschia blouse make sure you wear bottoms that will help your bright blouse stand out. In this case, I went with white shorts, black will probably do just as fine, but I liked the white shorts for this outfit. Plus white shorts in the summer are a must!
Once I had chosen my outfit, I chose these pointy black heels. Pointy shoes are definitely in style right now and are beginning to reappear once again! (Fashion is such a repetitive cycle, so you should definitely save your favorite items 😉 because you never know and might end up wearing them years later)
Lastly, since I didn’t have much time to do my hair and makeup, I decided just to wear my hair down and wear light makeup. I usually don’t wear a lot of makeup, but in this case, I am definitely wearing close to none. I am just wearing eyeliner, mascara and of course bright lipstick. I believe that a bright lipstick will always be the finishing touch to a perfect chic summer outfit.

Fuschia blouse from Express
White shorts from Michael Kors
Shoes from Jessica Simpson
Lipstick from NYX