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Fall’s Must Haves

Hello, my loves 🙂 Ok, so I realize I am a little late, about a month and 7 days late to be precise (I know #badblogger) but what’s the saying? Better late than never, right?? Ok, here we go!!

So since I want you to be on top of the latest fall fashion trends, I made it my task to search what the top fall fashion trends of 2016 are and bring them to you. I have made a list (yes, you are welcome 🙂 ) of the 11 top fashion trends for this Fall, and have included my favorites ones. So lets get started.

1. Denim

We cannot get enough of denim and apparently designers can’t either, and they have made that evident in their continuance to incorporate denim into their collections and making it a popular fall staple this season. Woot, woot! If you know me you know that this is my ultimate fav fall trend. Can I get an Amen??

2.Leopard print

Although leopard print has never really gone out of style (it has been in my closet all the time), leopard print seemed to make a real comeback this season. Not only is leopard print in our shoes and clothes, but this season leopard print is in our coats as well. This has got to be my second fav fall trend. Hmm, are you guys smelling a pattern? Yup, I am giving you the trends in the order that I love them!! Let me know which ones are your ultimate most favorite trends.

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New York Fashion Week

So it is one of my favorite weeks of the the year (besides my birthday week) NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!! This year I have been obsessed with NYFW more than ever. One of the reasons, being YOU! Because I have made it my job to follow the upcoming trends closely and provide you with a summary of what we will be seeing in the upcoming Spring season. Lets get started!

1. NUDES!! Neutrals nudes ARE the new black! And they will be everywhere. Even when it comes to make-up. Nudes are playing a big role in the Spring 2017 collections taking over black!! I am feeling this one!

2. Feminine silhouettes. Feminine silhouettes was popular in Spring 2016 and it seems that designers have decided to keep this trend going. From effortless silhouettes to sexy silhouettes, there’s a style for every woman’s shape. I’m loving this one!!

3. Polka dots!! Remember these from maybe like 10 years ago? Yeah, looks like they are making a come back. Polka dots have been very popular on the this week’s fashion runway meaning we are guaranteed to see this trend arise again in Spring 2017. Not one of my favs, but I’ll survive.

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