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Casual but Chic

Who in the mornings, just like me, spends like 30 minutes staring at their closet not knowing what to wear?? What if we could eliminate that waste of time and instead of staring at your closet, use that time to sleep more and get in that beauty sleep. Wouldn’t that be nice!!

Since I am guilty of this myself and know what we fashionistas go through, I want to share one of my favorite looks for these type of days. The casual but chic look. The classic white shirt, blue ripped jeans and high heels. I guarantee all of us have these items in our closet somewhere.

In this look, I am wearing a white razorback blouse. I love this blouse because it is a v-neck and I love v-necks over round necks any day. I also love it because it is a flowy shirt. I love how you can dress up flowy shirts with almost any bottoms, whether it be a skirt or jeans, but they pair specially well with skinny jeans. Now if you do not have a flowy blouse, don’t worry, try a casual tank top or a T-shirt, preferably a v-neck T-shirt.


The jeans! You can never go wrong with skinny ripped jeans! These jeans are cropped jeans, but I like to fold them a little at the bottom to give them that extra chic look. You will not believe this but I have had these jeans since high school, so about eight years now. I love to “recycle” my clothes! Fashion is a cycle and it’s constantly repeating years after years. So if my clothes are in great shape and I believe I will wear it again one day, I leave it in my closet to make use of it sooner or later ?

Lastly, the heels!! Ladies, no matter how casual you think your outfit looks or how fancy you may think your outfit is not, trust me those heels will add that spark that your outfit needs on those casual days. Heels are the most important part of your outfit, it compliments your outfit and gives you that sexy look. Usually when I do a more casual look I like wearing wedges or thick heel shoes.

There you have it ladies, a casual but chic stylish look for those gloomy days. Who said fashion wasn’t fun??!! Stay tune to my page as I will keep posting more casual looks for those days when we are feeling gloomy. Ladies, please comment or ask questions about how I can help you in your fashion journey. Bisous!! XOXO!!!



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