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Beautiful Eyebrows

Hello my loves, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones and ate a lot like I did. So I know I have been MIA for a bit, but trust me I have not forgotten about my blog nor you guys. My life has been kinda hectic for the past few months, since I moved to Kentucky from Cali, but it seems to be settling down now so you will be hearing from me a lot more! 🙂

So today I wanted to share with you guys, as promised, my secret to how to get fuller, thicker more beautiful eyebrows. So take a seat, read on and thank me later! 😉

So all my life I have been struggling with thin eyebrows. When I was 14, I had the “nike” eyebrows going on, yeah that was me. I think that continued until I was about 16 and then my eyebrows kinda went from a nike sign to a more rounder shape. Regardless, they were still very thin. I could not get them to grow! No matter how long I would go without plucking out my eyebrows, they would still not grow. Well let’s back up a little, they would grow in the areas they were not supposed to grow like in between both of my eyebrows, so then I would start having a unibrow and also underneath my eyebrow bone. But not on the actual eyebrow area. The worse was that I had to shade in my eyebrows every time I went out because I practically had no eyebrows, especially on the arch area.

For years, I struggled with having no eyebrows, I say no eyebrows because they were especially thin, but you know what I mean, I did have some eyebrows. It wasn’t until about a year ago, when I was complaining about my eyebrows to a coworker of mine, telling her that my eyebrows would not grow and that nothing that I tried worked. She told me I should try Castor Oil on my eyebrows. It was the first time I had heard of such oil, well except the car oil. So I asked Castor Oil? The one you use for cars??? She laughed and said no. She told me I could purchase it at Walmart or any pharmacy.

I could not wait to get off that night and go straight to Walmart or CVS and purchase my Castor Oil. I went straight to CVS. It turns out Castor Oil is used for many things, including food and also as a laxative (you learn something new everyday), so it is located in the laxatives section of CVS and also Walmart and I’m sure everywhere else you go. It was about $5 at CVS, but Walmart has it for cheaper for about half the price. So go to Walmart lol.


So I used the Castor Oil and I loved it! For the first time in years, my eyebrows were finally growing. For the first time in years, I finally had eyebrows!!! I will admit, it did not happen over night. The secret to Castor Oil, is just like anything else you do in life… you have to be consistent with it. I think I used it every night for about 2 months before I started seeing results. Yes, every night! Every night before going to sleep, I would dab a little oil on my index finger and apply it over my eyebrow rubbing it in really good. I would leave it on overnight and wipe it off the next morning, when I would wash my face. Of course, depending on how you sleep you might get some of it on your pillow, I know I sure did, so make sure it’s not a fancy pillow or pillow case that you are sleeping on lol.

So if you are like me and have tried everything in the book and nothing worked for your eyebrows, I promise this will work. Like I said though, you have got to be consistent. I remember going back to my coworker within a few days or weeks and letting her know that I was using it but not seeing results. She told me to be patient and I would start seeing the results soon. This eyebrow thing in addition, to making my eyebrows grow, taught be something valuable — patience!! A virtue I don’t really have, but have been working on for the past couple of years. (Sometimes we want things now, but sometimes we cannot have the things that we desire at the exact moment, for we are not ready for them.)

The best thing about this whole thing, is that now I don’t always have to shade in my eyebrows, even though I am so used to it that I still do it most of the time. But  now with my eyebrows being more thicker and fuller I have the self confidence to walk out my door without having to shade in my eyebrows. Now it is an option, whereas before it was not an option for me.

There you have it my loves. As always thank you for reading my blog. If you guys have any questions or any suggestions on blogs or anything you would like for me to talk about, let me know!! Love you guys! XOXO!!




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