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27 Things I Learned About Myself This Past Year

Hello my loves, hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! In honor of my birthday being a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to shift topics a bit here on the blog and share 27 things I learned about myself this past year. Enjoy! Lol

  1. I love God and Jesus more than anything else in this world!
  2. It’s ok being single, it is not the end of the world and one should embrace being single!
  3. I rather spend my Friday and Saturday nights chillin’ with my family than being out and about (yeah, I know I’m becoming a bit of a g-ma).

            4. I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me!

            5. I am more confident than what I really thought!

           6. I am a city girl! Even though I love being closer to my family I really miss                 LA!! (insert crying emoji)

           7. God is and should always be my number one focus!

          8. Let go and let God! Anyone else agree on this one?

          9. I love blogging and inspiring people 🙂

         10. I am not in control of things, God is. Sometimes I just have to be still and              learn to listen for His direction.

           11. Everyone has unique gifts and talents. Our gifts and talents will not                           develop, until we stop judging and comparing ourselves to others.

           12. You don’t grow in the good times, you grow in the bad times.

           13. Trust God. I may not know the way, but He does!

          14. When we fail, we should not see it as a failure, but rather as an opportunity            to learn from it.

         15. I am more capable than what I thought I was!

         16.Don’t let anything come in the way of your dreams. Start with what you                  have and start now!

           17.Family is the most important thing in my life after God (I knew that, but                this year this was strengthened).

          18. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. This not only                applies to couples, but to any kind of relationship you have.

         19.When you have God and Jesus in your life, life is so much easier!

        20.My dream is to have a non-profit organization for children in need.

         21. Appreciate those who appreciate you. Relationships are hard to keep now a          days and true friendships are hard to find. Let your friends know how much                you  appreciate and care for them! 🙂

        22. I can’t stay up too late anymore, I need my beauty sleep otherwise I am                 cranky the next day. Anyone else feel the same?

        23. Good things happen to those who serve others.

        24. The world would be a better place if we smiled at every person we                            encountered throughout our day. I challenge everyone to try it!

       25. The number one thing for being successful at anything is believing you can           do  the very thing you set yourself to do.

     26. I really really want a dog!! I want a yorkie, but I will take suggestions!

     27. I love wearing no makeup just as much as I love wearing makeup! 😉

Thanks loves for stopping by and reading my blog post this week and learning a bit about me.

Now it’s your turn, you don’t have to name 27 things you learned about yourself this year, but you can share a few of the most important things you learned. Have fun! 🙂 Bisous! *:





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  1. Julia Rivas

    I love how you have taken the time to self-reflect! I love it and I am sure you will do all of the goals you have in your heart.
    I am with you in many of them!!
    I am also very connected to God, HE is everything and HE is awesome!
    I have learned to love myself unconditionally.
    I love having a healthy lifestyle
    I would love to learn more healthy meals and habits
    I am forever grateful of my children; they are my source of happiness. There is nothing that I want to do more in this world than to huge them and kiss them.
    I am blessed to have a supporting loving and funny husband, he is a gift from God.
    I have learn that what you think you attract so positivity is very important for me.
    I love helping people!
    I am very passionate about education, sharing my culture, and making the difference in others.
    I can go on but I will stop right there!! lol
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share. You are already inspiring others so continue to do amazing things!! Love you and God bless you more!!

    • MairaDivine

      Aww friend! Thank you so much for encouraging me and for being part of my life! I thank God for you and your friendship and that He continues to bless you so that you may continue blessing others! You are also an inspiration! 🙂 Love you!

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