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Denim Love!

Hello, my loves! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I know I did. The weather where I live was perfect!! Was not complaining whatsoever. Which, speaking of weather, I was thinking the other day how quickly summer is coming to an end and how fall will soon be upon us.

So naturally me being the fashion lover that I am, I started thinking about this summer’s trends and the trends that I will not be able to live without, even when the summer comes to an end. And of course if you have been reading my blogs, you probably guessed it… denim!! No one will ever understand my love/obsession with denim… but it’s ok 😉

Now I really can’t pin point exactly when my love for denim began. Maybe it was in my pre-teen years, but who cares right? What matters is that denim is my favorite staple of all times. Although I wear denim all year long, I have to admit that I wear denim a lot more during the spring and summer. I think it’s because I have denim of everything, denim shorts, denim skirts and even denim dresses and I just want to wear denim on and on.

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27 Things I Learned About Myself This Past Year

Hello my loves, hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! In honor of my birthday being a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to shift topics a bit here on the blog and share 27 things I learned about myself this past year. Enjoy! Lol

  1. I love God and Jesus more than anything else in this world!
  2. It’s ok being single, it is not the end of the world and one should embrace being single!
  3. I rather spend my Friday and Saturday nights chillin’ with my family than being out and about (yeah, I know I’m becoming a bit of a g-ma).

            4. I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me!

            5. I am more confident than what I really thought!

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Overall Trends!

Hey my loves! Hope you all are having a faaa-bulous 4th of July weekend!! So this week I wanted to share one of my favorite currents trends, overalls!!

I must say I love when some trends make a way back and this one was definitely one of them! I totally remember wearing overalls as a kid, I mean which 90s kid didn’t right? So you know I was definitely excited when I saw that overalls were back and I could not wait to rock my pair of denim (of course) overalls!

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Pretty in Pink Bluetique

Hello my loves!! So I don’t know what part of the world you live in, but I live in Kentucky and it has been raining here non-stop for like the past 3 months and it just seems like it’s never going to stop raining!

Usually when it rains, I want to wear my rain boots, rain jacket and throw my hair in a bun; just kidding my faux leather jacket and old shoes, because I do not own a rain jacket or rain boots, since you know I lived in Cali and it never rained there and every time I say I’m going to buy rain boots and a raincoat, I end up buying something else. But if I did own a raincoat and rain boots, that’s what I would want to wear. And let’s face it, many of us would want to do the same thing.

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Back Down South

Spring!! If you guys have been reading and following my blog, you know that spring is my favorite season! And it is obvious why that is the case… I just love wearing bright pretty dresses and rompers in the spring!

Although I am not much of a print type of girl, (except, of course, cheetah print!) this season I could not get away without stocking up my wardrobe with one of this season’s hottest prints – floral print!!

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